Meet Our Newest Team Member

Though we are sad to see our cherished Molly Meador leave the shop, we are excited to introduce our newest hire:

Maria Mendoza

We asked Maria a few questions to help you get to know her.

So, Maria, where are you from?

I was born in Boston but I’ve lived in Somerville for most of my life. I was raised in East Somerville. My family is from El Salvador though!

How would you describe your personal style? What are your biggest fashion influences?

My style is greatly influenced by the 90s, I love researching different outfits that celebrities and my parents wore in the 90s. I am currently obsessed with Julia Roberts, Winona Ryder, and Princess Diana. I also love looking at what my current favorite artists are wearing. I am very much interested in the Hip Hop culture and the new indie wave that’s been very popular amongst the artsy teens these days. I am all about incorporating elements from all sorts of subcultures. I think it definitely allows for the rest of the world to see a different idea of what style can be and how open it can be.

What is it about secondhand fashion that you love?

I love that you can find newfound appreciation for the smallest, most intimate details in beautiful, underrated objects. I love the idea that it has brought me closer to myself and people I find most important in my life. Both my parents were heavily immersed in their own sense of style and I love thinking that I’m allowing myself to embrace and take in what they were instead of merely admiring what they did with their own individuality.

Is there anything that you’ve been binge watching lately?

I am a queen of re-watching shows that I’ve binged in the past so right now I am re-watching That 70s Show and Gilmore Girls. Both shows have such a special place in my heart and I will always take comfort in the fact that they’ll be there for me when things aren’t always great. I have also recently finished “Easy”, “Heart of Dixie”, and am currently finishing the third season of “Crown”!

Where do you see yourself in five years?

I feel sort of in-between stages in this point of my life so looking into the future can be a little overwhelming for me BUT I still want to have fashion be a big part of my life even if it’s merely playing dress up on the daily. As far as my career goes, I think I’ve always been passionate about Special Education and Counseling so I’d love to have that be something I at least consider within those years. I love creative writing so if i’m able to gain more experience in that department, even if it’s just a side thing that would make me happy. I want to be able to explore all my interests thoroughly and not ever wonder what could have been. Oh, and it would be swell to find me the man at that point LOL. 

What are your biggest wardrobe staples?

Currently LOVE anything corduroy and crazy cool graphic tees such as my bright purple distressed Harley tee and my oversized Coltrane gem (I got a few that I always gravitate towards and they never seem to lose their appeal). I love my 512 Levi’s that I thrifted for like 3 bucks years back and my Bongo jeans that remind me of the series “Carrie Diaries” for some reason. 


Food I’m always down for any Central American dish, pupusas always got my back. I love love ice cream sandwiches, definitely go through an out of body experience when i eat those little guys. 

Color This always changes as the seasons change but I found that turquoise has managed to remain up there for me. 

Season My favorite season has got to be fall for sure, I’m aware that tends to be a common answer but it just warms my soul right up. For some reason I feel the most balanced and in tune with myself during those months.

Band My top genres at the moment are Hip Hop, Rap, and Indie pop. As far as Hip Hip/Rap goes, Mick Jenkins has got to be one of my greatest inspirations for me. Then it’s got to be Frank Ocean, Tyler the Creator, Saba, Smino, Cousin Stizz (the list can honestly go on with this genre). But outside of that culture, I love Men I trust, Billie Holiday, Blood Orange, The NBHD, etc. I’m always down for some motown and soul music though, catch me dancing around in my bedroom to “Try a Little Tenderness” like Duckie in “Pretty in Pink”.

Movie I don’t have any current movies atm but my all-time favorite movies are Goodwill Hunting, Moonrise Kingdom, Garden State, The Fighter, Roma, The commitments, etc. I’m SUPER into boxing movies, that always hits a spot for me.

Designer I’m not a big brand person, I don’t love looking at names when it comes to clothing just because I like to give every piece of clothing a chance with me before I allow myself to get swept up with the tag. But I love what Chanel, Ralph Lauren, Versace and Tom Ford were doing in the 90s! 

Era of fashion I think I can be a little biased with this but the 90s era of fashion has a special place in my heart. Like said before, my parents were super fly back then so I try to do them proud.

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