A little bit about us:

Raspberry Beret is a boutique that specializes in new and consigned women’s fashion—a go to for modern style, classic vintage, and luxury clothing and accessories. We love labels, and aim to bring high quality fashion to our customers at a fraction of the cost. All of our items are in excellent condition and have a unique quality and style.

We have helped women update their wardrobe, find an outfit for a special event, and keep style thriving in the greater Boston area since 2005. Items featured in each store are chosen from both consigners and dealers. With  two locations, each boutique has its own style, personality, and personalized shopping experience in a welcoming atmosphere. Located in Cambridge and Maynard, Massachusetts, Raspberry Beret makes it easy to buy and consign high end and vintage fashions locally.

Raspberry Beret is owned and operated by Rachael Bankey, whose distinctive eye for style shapes each store’s character and design.


We at Raspberry Beret believe that consumers have a social responsibility to balance fashion, economics, and the environment. Americans throw away 13 million tons of textiles each year, accounting for 9% of total non-recycled garbage. This wasted clothing, often in excellent condition, clogs landfills. Shopping at stores like Raspberry Beret reduces the stress the fashion industry places on the environment. Textile recycling is easy, and beneficial to both the environment and your wallet. Many high end labels will charge thousands for pieces that you can find in our store in perfect condition at economical prices.